The Ring of Truth

Ron Fairbairn


The Ring of Truth

1967 was one kick-butt year.

I was 14 in 1967. Whata kickass year that was eh? Fourteen is a very vulnerable age for a boy. Not a child… but still child-like; not a ‘real’ teenager – too new at it still. Primed for anarchy, at the very least- rebellion.

We had the transistor radio. Maybe we weren’t exactly “mobile”, but our music was…and man, did we have music! It was like a sound explosion- Motown, Blues, Rock n Roll, the British Invasion, the Folk movement, Jazz….

At Christmas, my parents bought me a Lloyd’s AM/FM clock radio. They probably thought it might help me get to school on time. At that time FM was commercial-free “underground” music. I remember putting my pillow over top of it and going to sleep at nights listening to Howlin’ Wolf, Muddy Waters, Son House… It was fantastic for a 14 year old white kid from Canada.

A friend of mine had returned from a year in England and brought back an acoustic guitar with him. He showed me three chords in an hour and I had myself a passionately bad rendition of G-L-O-R-I-A. I was hooked. As clear as yesterday, I remember thinking to myself  “cool – here’s something I can do for the rest of my life, and I’ll never know it all.” Enter Ring of truth. Not the tuning fork kind of ring, or an elevator lobby bell ring,but the ring that kicks in your front door, makes itself at home and says “ok pal, let’s get started”. That Ring of truth.

For me, it wasn’t about fame or fortune or a great way to meet chicks….ok maybe a little of the meeting chicks thing. To me, other than the camaraderie, playing music is all about discovery. Every time I practice I learn to do something a little better, I learn to go with the music and discover new roads. I can look back on life and I can always remember what was going on musically for every phase of life, and when I sit down to write and play now, I still feel like I’m that fourteen year old.

And here I am. Almost five decades later and I’m still at it, and every time I pick it up to play – I’m right there again. Same passion. Same anticipation that “anything can happen – what will I discover today?”

To me, that’s the magic of music – it’s utterly limitless. I’ve heard it said that “it’s all been done before”. Nonsense. It hasn’t all been done before and it never will. Mathematically impossible.

It’s about the music. It’s inside the music and it’s the music inside. It’s about – “ anything can happen”

1967. What a kickass year that was eh?

I hope you will check my blog from time to time and let me know how I am doing. Your feedback is something I will value.


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