Singing Lessons

Ron Fairbairn

Singing Lessons


Ron Fairbairn - Recording vocals in the shower

Singing Lessons

Again!  This time, I am really excited. I am starting Vocal / Performance lessons with Jennifer Scott through the Moveable Music School (

Jennifer is an amazing singer (probably one of the top five singers in Canada) and she is also known as a top notch educator. I am pretty sure she will be asking a few questions such as :

Why did you sign up for this course? … and

What do you hope to get out of this course?

Here’s the thing. No one has ever said to me “man- you’re a great singer!” I know it. On the other hand, I’ve had many people tell me that they like the “sound” of my voice – so hey…capitalize right? Like Clint Eastwood said ‘a man’s got to know his limitations’.

So to answer the first question, I will say that I signed up for the course to learn how to become a better singer. Again. And to learn how to become a better performer. Pretty simple right?

To answer the second question, (What I hope to get out of the course) I will say that I need to know how to deal with range and the dreaded “break zone” where you need to shift between chest voice and head voice. Tighten the abs or keep the speech level thing? Impose the larynx up or down? Go for hollow or just squeeze it out? Work with the key or change it to suit my own tessitura ? And above all- I want to learn how to convey emotion .

Ever since I was about 14 years old, I have looked up to great singer songwriters. It has always amazed me that one person with nothing more than a voice and an instrument, could command a stage, capture people’s imaginations and connect on an emotional level, ..whew… now THAT is something to shoot for!

Lately I have been listening to the late great Jesse Winchester’s album “Live from Mountain Stage”, WOW. He sings like a bird, you hang on his every word, he interjects short bursts of low register words with breathy effortless-sounding higher register accents, all while playing a very unique, self-styled guitar to convey his amazing lyric and melody. Now THAT is something to shoot for.

Stay tuned! (Pun unintended)

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