Ron Fairbairn


It’s Complicated

It’s complicated. I believe most artists would rather not be involved with self-promotion and marketing of their work. They want someone else to say good things about them while they carry on with the business of creativity. I’m with them. 

The only problem is that the world is in another state of flux. I mean, it always is to some degree, but this feels way different to me. We now live in a world where a whole new generation of people don’t know what it was like not to have computers and the internet. The music industry has been driven to it’s knees and we (collectively) are still trying to invent a new business model. In a handful of decades we have gone from vinyl to 8track to cassette to cd to mp3, and now it looks streaming will win over the average music listener. There is more music available now than there ever has been. But most of it seems disposable.