Ron Fairbairn


The summer of 1970 (and my brush with John and Yoko)

The summer of 1970 (and my brush with John and Yoko)

This will take a while to get to the John and Yoko part, but it is an interesting set of events. It was the beginning of summer. I was 17 and had just finished grade 11 at Richmond High School, British Columbia, Canada. I had a friend who was an excellent drummer,whose name was Bruce Miller. He was going on a European tour with the Kitsilano Boys Band, and before he left, we talked about meeting up for a few days in London at the end of his tour. My father was an Air Canada employee and always encouraged me to actually use some of the passes he was entitled to, and so I told Bruce I would fly over on a certain date near the end of August and he said he would meet me at Heathrow Airport. And off he went to Europe. And I got a job working at Avis rent a car as a car jockey at the airport.

The end of summer came, and I headed to London. (more…)