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Hi All ! Thanks for visiting the site. I’m real happy to have finally opened the doors to my new digital home. Writing and playing music is my main passion in life, and I’ve long wanted to share what I do with everyone willing to have a listen and look. I’ve decided that this blog and newsletter will serve me better than focusing my energy on much of the social media, as things seem to be changing so fast that I felt that I would opt for a little more control over how I present myself. I am living proof that it’s not about the money. I have been playing since I first picked up a guitar when I was fourteen years old and heard the Ring of Truth. My hope is that we can connect with each other and that what I put forth adds some value to your life in some way. My wife Sherron,  and I have been together, pretty much,  since the day we met. We decided to “catch our dreams” and give back a bit of what we felt we had been given. She is an amazing artist in every sense of the word, no matter what she is doing. She is so giving of herself and creates images and artwork that help to represent my songs. I  love to work together with her by contributing to some of her mixed media with sound, and contributing to some of her YouTube videos. I often wonder what the world would be like if everyone in this world followed their passion. I suppose we all do. Is there a choice? What’s your story?